Setting Sail         
September 10, 1524
              Finally, we have finished loading the supplies onto my fine, large ships and are ready for action.  This is it, my first voyage into the unknown, at 60 years old I've still got it!  I've worked really hard to gain financial support from King Charles I and all the hard work has finally payed of.  Now my men and I are checking to see if we have everything that is needed, plenty of food, armor and other weapons, and the most important thing of all, the map.  I have a feeling that this is going to be a journey I will never forget.

September 11, 1524
              It's a cool September morning and we have set sail at last!   We are now headed for the rich lands beyond those of  Panama.  I feel extremely excited to have started my very first expedition!   We have been traveling for long, tiring hours now and the sun is starting to set.  As night sweeps over us more and more of my men prepare to go to sleep, but I am prepared to stay up all night because I'm not going to miss a single moment of this voyage.

September 28, 1524
              The wind has picked up these last few days and we are moving faster than ever.  Right now I am standing on the deck staring down at the enchanting ocean and letting the ocean splash in my face, wondering what adventures lie ahead.  I hope we hit land soon because some of my men are starting to complain and others are getting a little sea sick.  But what ever happens I will keep my spirits high and hope for better results next time.

October 16, 1524
              One of my men has sighted a land bird flying north so we follow it.  After an hour we finally hit Panama, everyone is over joyed!  Once we land we are welcomed by natives that tell us that there is a bountyful land just a short sail away.  After a little while on the island I gave my men a choice, they could either stay here and live a life of luxury or try and find the rich, undiscovered lands for Spain.  The many men who decided to stay back formed a colony of their own, and the 13 men that had chosen to go with me started loading the supplies we would need for the journey ahead.  

                                                                                 My Interesting Discoveries
October 20, 1524     
              My men and I have departed from the shores of Panama and are heading south.  It took us  many hours but we finally discovered land.  We landed on a small, swampy coast that had trees surrounding it, and got ready to explore.  We hadn't gone far when we were driven out of the forest and off the island by a nasty Plague.  After that event we headed back to Panama for more supplies and to plan out the next voyage.

October 21, 1524
              We have set sail again and are ready for whatever dangers lie ahead.  First we arrived at a little city called Tumbez and pick up many new soldiers.  Then we stopped at a place near Lima and there we find exactly what we are looking for, the land of gold!  When we were traveling we passed native watch towers but are allowed easy passage.  When we reach the center of a fantastic, gorgeous city, we were welcomed by the natives that lived there.  We were presented with a  hut to stay in, served meals on silver and gold plates, presented with artwork that had been hand crafted and was made of silver & gold, and were given a tour of the magical city.

October 24, 1524
              After our experiences we set sail for Panama again.  I wanted to find out if I could contact the new governor of South America to see if he would support me and my crew financially.  But once we reached Panama we found out that he wouldn't, and that was that.  So we headed back to Spain to show the king and queen what we had found, and see if they would give us more financial support.

November 28, 1524
              It is a cold and windy day, the wind is blowing hard in our faces, but the good news it that we have docked in Spain a last!  We are now heading towards the royal castle to meet up with the king and queen.  When we get there we are escorted to the throne room and the king and queen listen attentively to what we have to say.  Once we are finished I see the greed in there eyes as they except.  We leave the throne room with dignity, pride, and a lot of  money.  After we are off the castle grounds we head start to the dock and set sail.

December 26, 1524
              Once we reach Panama again we stop for a short time to stock up on food and to rest up for the journey ahead.  When the ship is ready me and my men board it, then they raise the sails and we are off!  We are bound for the capital city near Lima, the place we left off last time.  It has been hours after hours but we have finally made it!  We take the same path that we took before and are careful when we reach the mountain cliffs.  When we make it to the center of the city we demand to see the emperor Atahualpa.  He is carried into the town square on a golden throne and is ready to listen to what we have to say.  After he arrives me and my men try and intimidate the Inca leader into becoming a Christian and changing his entire empire's religion to Christianity too by offering him and his people horses and other things they had never seen or heard of before, but it didn't work.  After that the Incas revolt and start fighting us, and we fight back mercilessly until almost every Inca is down.  After 30 minutes they surrender and we take over!

December 31, 1524
              During this time of war me and my men find it best to torture the enemy.  We are doing this by cutting some of the Incas hands and feet and not showing any sign of mercy.  We were hoping that this would end the revolt.

January 2, 1525
              A while after the Incas surrender we capture the emperor and lock him in one of the rooms in his temple.  He tries to win his freedom by making his subjects fill the room he was kept captive in with gold and another with silver.  To save their ruler his subjects sadly handed over precious silver and gold masterpieces.  Once the rooms were full we melted all of the gold and silver into bars for easy transport to Spain.  I decided not to keep my promise to the emperor and decided to kill him the next day.

January 3, 1525
              Today, at sunrise I gave the emperor a chose, he could choose death by fire or if he excepted Christianity the quicker death of being hung.  He chose to become a Christian and was hung.  I felt happy that he was dead because I was going to take advantage of his absence.

February 4, 1525
              We have set sail again, headed for the city of  Tumbez that we are told is a very short distance away.  I have just found out that what we were told was true.  It has only been about an hour and we have already landed in Tumbez.  Once we all are ashore we see that the place is nearly destroyed.  To find out why the place looked like a disaster I go up to a group of the natives and ask, they tell me about the Inca Civil War that just recently happened and about all that had died and why it had taken place.  I decided to take advantage of the war and ordered my men to start fighting.  Without there leader and fewer people than they had had before the city soon fell to it's knees.  We had taken over the entire Inca empire!

February 5, 1525
              Everyone was over joyed that we had conquered the Inca Empire.  Now I think that we can live here in peace.  I also hope that the future brings better times.

June 26, 1541
                Today was the death of Don Francisco Pizarro.  Me and my men were followers of the great Almagro whom Pizarro hung not to long ago.  He was eating dinner when we arrived and was taken by surprise.  He fought a great battle but was out numbered.  I noticed that as Pizarro took his last breath he drew a cross of blood on the ground as symbol of his death.  After his death we placed his tomb in Lima which he founded.
Mrs. Rios

Outstanding! You should be proud of your work.


this is awesome blog that you did

Mrs. Cramer

Absolutely excellent. You have combined an enormous amount of research with creative and descriptive details and voice. Your words create visual images and I feel as though you have captured the possible thoughts of your explorer perfectly.

I hope you have enjoyed this assignment we appreciate your dedication and love of learning.


this is now the super best one i have seen you do super good work and a lot of history on your explore

maikol wilson

vary good job i like it


You did a great job Thorin!


that was an AWESOME BLOG!Great job Thorin. !!!GO THORIN!!! I think its the best one because you have alot of explorer grammar and awesome vocabulary


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