Dear Future Reader,

       Hi, my name is Travis. I am a fifteen year old boy from London. I am presently living in the New World colony of Connecticut. I wanted to share my life story with you so that the past will become present in your mind and in history forever.
       I was born in a humungous mansion with everything that you could imagine in London, England in the year 1648. My family was very wealthy, and we were very grateful to have so much money to supplement all of our needs. One day my Father was out for a walk when he heard that they were giving away hardy portions of land to families that would come to the New World. So we packed up all of our belongings, sold the house to a jolly gentlemen, and drove to the dock. We loaded the baggage onto the boat and we were off. We were very lucky to get placed in a very nice cabin with comfortable beds. Sadly, Mother wasn't used to being over seas and got very ill. The food was lacking so some days we barely got a bite to eat and that made it hard for Mother to get well. The voyage continued for several days on end. On the final day of the voyage our ship crashed a few feet from the shore and we had to carry Mother on our backs as we swam towards the shore. Once we were ashore we arranged to stay with a good friend who had moved to the New World not to long ago. Once Mother was settled into a nice warm bed we went to work gathering the supplies to make a nice cozy home. It took months and months of hard labor but we finally accomplished building the most spectacular house in all of Connecticut. With stain glass windows, sanded wood, a tiled roof, and other fascinating accessories. By the time we were finished Mother was up and about again and we were all happy. We had faced many hardships but made it through them all.

This is the ship we sailed on symbolizing the hardships we faced. Many people suffered because of the conditions and lack of food. Many of those people did not make it.

       Our interactions with Natives were not pleasant. Soon after we arrive and are settled in an Indian war threatens Connecticut's peace. Connecticut sent more than 300 brave militiamen to fight for peace and harmony. The war became known as the Great Swamp Battle. Also the awful new English King tried to take away our granted charter. But the citizens of Connecticut unite to overcome both challenges.

This is a picture of Jamestown under attack by the Indians representing that our interactions with them were harsh and frivolous. 

       Me and my family are proud Puritans. I have learned while I have been here that Connecticut was founded as a colony by Puritans, who established a Congregational Church. . Puritan is the only legal religion in Connecticut. Colonists are fined if they do not attend Sunday services or if they practice other religions. Everyday after school and chores my family gathers and we read passages from the bible. We are very grateful to be present in the New World so that we may practice our religion freely.

This symbolizes our beliefs in God and how powerful he is.

       The Connecticut Colony is located in the Northeast part of America. In Connecticut we have cold winters and mild summers. The landscaping is gorgeous. There are forested hills, beautiful shoreline beaches, and tall white steeple colonial churches. The land promises good crops and provided us with tall trees for our cozy home. It is wondrous sight to see with all of it's fresh greenery.

This symblolizes the beautiful lanscape of Connecticut.

       In Connecticut the main jobs are farming, fishing, and hunting. Every day after school I assist my Father in hunting down food for supper. I also have a daily chore of tending the crops which is an exhausting job. Occasionally I get to go fishing with my Father and that is a real treat! We always have fun and I always catch the biggest fish. I have a lot of responsibility and I always come through.

This bear symbolizes the delicious meat that we hunted down for our meals.



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