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                      Picture=Boys playing Basketball

         When I think back to that afternoon before Jonah opened the first letter, I remember how different I seemed and how I acted towards Jonah. I was so self-obsessed and focused on clothes. Those letters changed my perspective of the problems we faced, my relationship with Jonah, and the way I looked at myself. I no longer wish I was an adopted child; I no longer feel panic or confusion about when Jonah read "YOU ARE ONE OF THE MISSING." 

                         Picture=Taking a picture of file

       Soon after getting the letters Jonah questioned our parents about his adoption, which was kind of stupid because who would get worried about adoption. Later our dad scheduled an appointment with Mr. Reardon, some F.B.I. agent who has information about Jonah’s adoption. I wonder why an F.B.I. agent has information about Jonah.
               I persuaded my parents into letting me go by explaining to them that I ever so dearly wanted to go. Also I promised that I would not say a word. But when an astonishing event happened I regret it all.
               But it also helped me later. I learned that if I was silent in the office I could observe more. I saw Mr. Reardon looking at Jonah in a preplexed way and I realized that he was trying to figure Jonah out!
              About an hour or so later Jonah fled to the bathroom with great urgency because his Mountain Dew was back coming up. GROSS! While they were out in the hallway a mysterious figure that looked like a ghost suddenly appeared in Mr. Reardon’s office. He pulled a fie from the file cabinet and left it on the desk in front of me. It was really freaky! Why a ghost would leave out some random secret file? When they came back I could feel my heart beating inside my chest. Soon Jonah became curious about the file. Mr. Reardon became curious about the file as well because he kept glancing to the side, trying to be inconspicuous and seemed to know it was not supposed to be there.
              Jonah signaled me telling me he had a plan. He got up and distracted while I should of been memorizing the names in the file. I was still so scared I could barely think, luckily I decided instead of memorizing the file to take pictures with my cell phone. I was so surprised that I had gotten that great idea when I was so terrified. After the meeting we got into our car. I told him that I had taken pictures of the file on my cell phone. Now that the meeting is over I think that those letters really do mean something and I am going to find out what.

                  Picture=Stand over computer with Chip

        I wonder why that ghost left out that file? I wonder what information the file contains? Soon after the meeting with Mr. Reardon, Jonah and I go to Chip's house to upload the pictures I had taken of the secret file. It was revealed to be a list of Witnesses and Survivors of what seems to be an important event hidden for years. We looked over the list of Witnesses first and found that there were very few and I mean very few. Guess what!? The file entitled Survivors on my cell phone contains 36 names INCLUDING Chip and Jonah's. 36 kids? Where did Jonah and Chip come from? Immediately after reading the file Jonah had gotten up and said that he didn't want to know anymore. Then he tried to force me to go too but I stood my ground because I really want to dig into the mystery and find the answers. When I look back at that day I notice a big change in how I reacted towards the problem and know that I did the right thing standing up to Jonah.

                   Picture=Holding the letter from Angela

         A few days later Chip and I called all of the witnesses on the list. Most of them hung up on us but one, Angela DuPre, seemed regretful about hanging up on us. A few days later we got a letter that was unsigned and I figured out that it had to be from her. It asked us to meet her at the library were she would tell us everything that she knows. I strongly agreed to meet her because she has information and might know who Jonah and Chip are. I wonder how she knows who Jonah and Chip are? I wonder why she wouldn't talk to us over the phone?

            When we arrive at the library on Saturday Angela is not in the conference room so we devise a plan. Since Chip was the one invited I wait in the magazine section with my phone connected to Chip's phone as well as a walkie talkie rested against the phone so the Jonah can her the conversation too. Jonah sits in the non-fiction shelf with his walkie pressed against his ear under his hood. He pretends to read a book that he placed a mirror in so that he can see everything that is going on in the conference room. Soon we find out that Angela had been in the library the whole time watching us. So we entered the conference room together. Jonah stands by the door because I think wants a quick escape if Angela turns out to be dangerous.
            I notice that Angela sits in the shadows were she can she the door and windows. She speaks slowly and purposefully, glancing over our shoulders and into the library, as if she is watching for something unexpected. I can tell that she seems worried that someone is watching us or listening. I wonder why she is so nervous? She tells us about a plane that contained 36 babies and just appeared and disappeared mysteriously. Oh, 36 babies. She tells us that she thinks from the information she had gathered and examined closely over the years, that Jonah and Chip coming in the plane has to do with time travel. She knows that because on the plane it had said TACHYON TRAVEL and Tachyon is the fastest particle on earth apparently. So she said that plane could of flown from centuries before us. I took a big step in change that day that we got the letter because I really cared about meeting Angela.


                Picture=me hot and sweaty by my bike

        At the end of our conference two unanimous guys come in wrestling each other. One shouts for us to run so we jump out the window and flee on our bikes. After we have ridden a mile or so Jonah suddenly stops and turns back to go get Angela for she had stayed behind. He races as fast as he can go and we follow a long ways back. Once we finally arrive Jonah explains that Angela had just disappeared into thin air while I carelessly pull back my sweaty hair into a ponytail. I changed a lot because not to long ago I wouldn't be caught dead looking like that but at that moment I couldn't care less.


      Picture=Blackness while spiraling to the 15th Century

We are invited to an adoption conference that my parents count down to. We arrive and get our nametags and pile into an auditorium where the kids and parents are split into separate groups. Jonah, Chip, and me are put into the same group because I pretend to be Daniella McGarthy. I do this because I notice that all of the kids in that group are on the Survivor list.  Our group goes into a cave that is sent into non-time existence. Soon the adults get into a big fight on who gets to take us where they want to, past or future. JB wins the fight and tries to first send Chip and Alex back to their rightful place in history but stick to each other like glue sticks to paper. When are shot by the Elucidator we are sent spiraling to the 15th Century. On the way Jonah convinces JB into letting us fix time. That was the start of a time travel adventure that we would never, ever forget.




Mrs. Colte
12/11/2010 9:32pm

Read your entries out loud--I think you will find some glitches; places you need to add or remove words.

Who do you imagine Katherine is talking to in your narrated slide show? I ask this because I was expecting more excitement after they uploaded the file: "Guess what?! The file on my cell phone lists 36 names INCLUDING Chip and Jonah's! 36 babies? Where did Jonah and Chip come from?"

Etc--more excitement, reflection, wondering....

Be careful that you do not change tense. In the second entry, you tell some in past tense (I was, Jonah fled) but then you switch tense (he keeps glancing, I am frozen). Maybe put everything in past tense--it already happened. Jonah fled, I froze, he glanced etc.

12/17/2010 9:42am

awsome job


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