What made Found a page turner was all of the specific and unique details made made it like I was stuck in the book and couldn't leave the alternative universe until I finish the book. MPH made me feel like I was Angelina Dupre at Skytrails on that first day, like I saw exactly what she say and believed that I was right. She also made me feel like I was Katherine helping the boys find their answers and getting sucked into the mystery as well. The details MPH put into "Found" made me feel like I was Chip and Jonah racing through time to find my true identity. The way that she sent the characters into a time zone were "now" didn't exist and no one could be trusted was amazing and fascinating. MPH makes it were there are so many settings and puts a lot of detail in the book so that you can really understand it and can't stop reading. I truly enjoyed found and can not wait to do my project.


Madelyn Wiggins
11/08/2010 4:53pm

Hey Thorin! nice job! The paragragh thing is supposed to be on the Found blog for mrs. colte to see. ;) just lettin' you know. sorry but i'm like that. anyway, i love your website layout! i can show you how to get your name in the picture at the top of your website, like mine! let me know if you want me to tell you! cul8r!

Mrs. Colte
11/09/2010 1:54am

I know exactly what you mean--when I read the opening pages of the book, I felt like I was there with Angela, struggling to understand what was happening.

I think I connected more with Jonah--what would I do if I received letters like those--rather than Katherine. What made you identify with Katherine? How did MPH draw you in?

Have you read any other books with time travel?

11/10/2010 9:10pm

I love your blog its awesome can't till you add more for me to see!!

11/17/2010 4:31am

hey thorin im jonah i really like how you are focusing on one book pretty cool


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