The Questions

1.  Found is a Nene Winner because students thought it was an "excellent" book.  What specifics have you learned about Found after reading it closely?

A: I have learned that it is a very thrilling book with great detail on every page. After reading the text closely I saw how MPH explains the characters emotions and actions. The details in the book really pulled me into the adventures of Jonah, Katherine, Chip. The book made me feel that it was up to me to find my identity. It made me feel like I was fighting Mr. Hodge and Gary for my freedom and for my family. It made me feel that I had been zapped into the 15th century and returning to the 21st century is at risk. I have enjoyed this project and have learned of how the author puts all of the details into a fantastic book.

2.  What do you want to focus on in your contest entry?
Characters   Plot    Conflict     Theme     Technology    Other?
And what do you want to say about that topic?

A: In my project I want to focus on characters. I also want to focus on theme in my project. Finally I want to focus on the conflict throughout the book. I want to show my understanding of the book. I also want to show Katherine's point of view of the problem. It will be a very fun project that I will put my best effort into.

3. Will you do the Interpretive or the Persuasive Contest?

A: I will be entering the Interpretive Contest.

4. What format will be used?  (essay, newspaper, poster etc.)  Brainstorm a little--will your entry be paper or electronic?  What format might be best to share your information?

A: My project will show Katherine's point of view of the problem. I will be using a podcast as my project format. My entry will be electronic. I thought that a podcast would be the best for my project because I could show everything I want to in the podcast. Also because of advanced technology and with help from Mrs. Cummings.


Mrs. Colte

Tue, 30 Nov 2010 11:22:15 pm

I like your thinking: "The book made me feel it was up to me to find my identity." I wondered what you meant (you know your parents & your heritage) and if you could share this idea with the others?

I like your ideas for your project--a podcast from Katherine's perspective. I look forward to hearing/reading more of your ideas.


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